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Do you have that one problem that you just can’t seem to fix that no software online can seem to solve? Well, have you ever heard of custom software? It might just be the very solution you never knew you needed.

What is Custom Software?

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations.


Custom software is directly developed to suit your every need and requirement. Compared to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom software is defined by a narrowly defined set of rules and requirements specifically for key business or legislative objectives. Sometimes custom software can be called bespoke software. Bespoke software is custom or tailor-made software.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software

COTS software is packaged commercialised software that is designed to meet the generalised needs of the marketplace. Some good examples of them are Microsoft Teams and Office or WordPress. COTS can help your problems but are so generalised that they don’t target them directly. Yes, they are cheaper but can often have so many general features that it can cause frustration just trying to use the one that is needed for your business or team. COTS often don’t fix the issue at hand but just eases the pain of it.

Why Custom Software?

Custom software development is important for any business as it helps meet the requirements of that business. There are a few benefits that you should consider that customer software has over COTS.


Custom software that specifically meets the needs of you and your business allowing you to customise it as much as you need. No two businesses are the same and the processes are unique. It is important to have software that fits your exact vision. This way the software is unique to you and the way you do business. You can decide how simple or complex your application needs to be, what the important information is and what layout will improve your operations.


One important question when considering COTS is: will it work with existing applications and software your business is already using?

If the answer is no then companies face trying to merge the software with business operations. This leads to another application staff have to learn, use in conjunction with others and always have open. 

With custom software, this isn’t an issue. Custom software improves overall integration as it can combine multiple applications into a single software. This reduces the need and time spent using multiple different software. You can easily choose which features and sectors of your business you wish to integrate. It will significantly increase efficiency and productivity, improving customer experience and  relationships.


Building custom software sets the foundations for your business’s success. It improves flexibility, productivity and integration making growing your business that much easier. Custom software isn’t just to be implemented and forgotten about as you grow. The software can be upgraded and improved with time just like your business. This way custom software can be changed to suit the evolving needs of your business as you scale.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is always of major importance for businesses and is a constant worry. Custom software can be used to alleviate those worries you might have about being a target of cyberattacks.

Graphic of cyber security. A laptop with a padlock over the screen.

In 2022 Irish Times reported that 1 in 5 or 50,000 Irish businesses are still unprepared for cyber attacks. COTS are built for commercial use, at a low price therefore the security measures in the software may not be the best. 

When custom software is being built with cyber security in mind it might be the key to tackling the constant threats of cyberattacks. Developers of custom software address security concerns at every stage of the design and development process. Reputable developers will keep in touch with their clients to ensure that the appropriate security steps and measures are strictly carried out from start to finish. Security issues are flagged and dealt with early to ensure that the software is protected.


Custom software can be daunting at the start, it requires a big investment. In the long run, custom software sees ROI as it is cheaper than constantly renewing subscriptions to different COTS. Every other company is using commercial software but investing in custom software increases the value of your own business. The benefits outway the costs and as your business grows you will see a greater return on investment. Here at Amharc Tech, we strive to create software that not only matches your needs but stays within your budget.

Why Hire A Software Development Company?

When thinking about developing custom software there are a few reasons you might want to consider as to why you should hire a software development company.

Experience and Expertise:

Designing and developing digital software can be complex and confusing. Building software with a wide range of features can require in-depth knowledge of development. This is why experience is key to successful software development. Take full advantage of the expertise of a software development company. They may even have ideas and innovative solutions about the design that you never thought of.

Quicker Development

Software development companies have a team full of experienced designers with unique skills in specific areas of software development. When it comes to software development you want it up and running as soon as possible. You don’t have time for experiments, guesswork, bugs and delays. A software company develop plans that are efficient and effective for developing a high-quality product within a shorter timeframe.

Structured Plan

One of the benefits of hiring a software development company is that a structured plan and timeframe are put into place. Developing software can be a multi-stage process and requires a well-structured plan to set out objectives during these stages. Here at Amharc Tech we map out a step by step development plan and ensure we keep you updated at each step. Allowing us to answer any queries you may have.


As mentioned by Success Insights, when you hire a software development company they don’t just design the software and cut contact from their clients. They offer support to their clients even after the software has been implemented by enabling you to contact the developers who created your software. If you remember from above, custom software increases your business scalability meaning the software also has to be adapted to the new needs of your growing business. So, this support allows you to work with the software development team to add new features as your business scales.


These days, a great answer to many of the niche problems we face is to develop our Software. One that helps us with the unique needs of our businesses. Whether it’s for sharpening your workflow, developing a product, or making your services more user friendly, tailor-made software is a trusty solution.

At Amharc Tech we have a proven track record of developing custom software that exceeds the expectations of our customers. This is because we believe that every problem is unique requiring innovative solutions. After all, your success is our success, but don’t just take our word for it.

“We selected Amharc Tech because of their proven track record as well as their impressive global software delivery model. They were easy to operate and provided a quality product within our budget and proposed timeline.”

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