9 Tricks To Going Viral On TikTok


The future of social media marketing is within TikTok, a video app with a big emphasis on going “viral.” With over 78.7 million users in 2021 and the average user opening the app at least 8 times daily, getting your business on TikTok can revolutionize the number of people who interact with your brand (Source: Statistica, Wallaroo).

TikTok provides marketers with a direct way to reach target audiences and foster real-time conversations that shape relevant thought and interests as a community.

Tatyana Parham, Small Business Development Center

Getting your TikTok strategy down is important for not only making sure people see your videos, but also making sure they will interact with them. The more people who comment on and share your videos, the more they will be recommended to other users.

Social media marketing has become more competitive as more companies are flocking to the internet to promote their products. With this in mind, let’s go through the different tips and tricks you can use to get your videos to go viral on TikTok:

1. Follow Trends

Sounds and challenges are more likely to come up on a random person’s page when they are at their most popular. As well, top trending sounds and challenges will pop up on more pages as TikTok prioritizes what it thinks will be liked by its users. Find what’s trending at trends.tiktok.com or go to the Spotify “TikTok Songs 2022” playlist to find a popular song.

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2. Keep It Short

A user in TikTok, by design, can easily skip from video to video. The good news is that this means you shouldn’t spend time making extremely detailed projects. The bad news is that, even though TikTok allows you to make videos up to three minutes long, most people will only watch the first 10-15 seconds. As a rule, try to keep your video around 15 seconds and make any caption short and sweet, so it has an immediate impact.

3. Interact With Your Community

TikTok offers a multitude of ways to interact with other users. Brands, such as Nickelodeon and Duolingo, have gone viral for their video responses to comments and are known to comment under other videos other than their own. Don’t be afraid to respond to comments people post and duet videos you see on your page. The more you interact with the other users around you, the more chances you give your brand to be noticed.

From the Amharc Tech Website

4. Know Your Audience

Almost half the people who use TikTok are between the ages of 10-29 (Source: Plann). Therefore, you should always try to be aware of who’s watching your videos and what they’ll connect with. Create content that relates to your brand, but that also might have a specific relation to the people who will be watching it. This may be the time to drop the informational video with technical language in favor of one with basic language that many will understand.

A brand has to act like a real person. It’s not going to be as glossy as a TV spot and you have to accept that you don’t have as much control as you do with a YouTube video.

Jacquie Kostuk, director of creative strategy at marketing firm Fuse Create

5. Use TikTok’s Features

While you shouldn’t go crazy using as many special effects as you can on your videos, TikTok offers many different features that can bump your video to the next level. Companies like Ryanair have based their entire TikTok marketing strategy on green screen filters and have enjoyed many viral videos as a result. Look through your page to see what features people are using and how they’re affecting the video. Then, see how a voiceover, filter, or transition could enhance the appeal of your content.

Ryanair on TikTok, From extra.ie

6. Don’t Be Too Serious

It may sound unconventional, but TikTok is the platform to poke fun at your brand and get away with it. Crocs and the NBA have all curated viral TikTok content by promoting their brand in a comedic way. Making fun of yourself can make your brand come across as self-aware and personable with the general public. Have fun with the videos you make, and then people will also have more fun engaging with them.

According to a recent report published by Hello Alice, 81% of small businesses say that TikTok is fun and 73% say it’s easy to use.

Sujatha Mamidibathula, Regional Head of SMB

7. Consistency!

Posting regularly is the only way to ensure you’re giving yourself as many chances to go viral as possible. Once you find something that connects with users, keep with it and be consistent with the types of content you produce. The card game, We’re Not Really Strangers, has had many viral videos, always while keeping consistent with their message, putting their brand colors in their videos, and encouraging people to tag others in the comments.

8. Be Creative With Hashtags

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Hashtags are a great way to connect the videos you make with other people’s videos around the world. Clicking on a hashtag underneath a video will show you every video that also uses that hashtag and gives you the option to explore any of them. Be strategic with the hashtags you use; if you see a video on your page that makes you laugh, look at what hashtags they use and see if it could be a good fit for your brand’s video. Furthermore, companies such as Chipotle and Guess have gone viral for creating their own hashtags for challenges they start, so don’t be afraid to branch out and start your own unique brand hashtag.

9. Consider Upgrading To a TikTok Business Account

With a TikTok business account, you can integrate your brand even further into the app by promoting your company’s products through a video and even linking users to your virtual store. As well, you’ll be able to get more in-depth analytics about how your content is performing and the demographics you are reaching. The process of upgrading your account is currently free and can be done through the TikTok app settings. This is highly recommended for data collecting and refining your TikTok social media strategy.


TikTok is on the rise for social media marketing and it’s time to catch the wave! Follow these tips above and look forward to your next viral video. Happy filming!

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