5 Ways to Gain More Leads Instantly (actionable tips)


Finding prospective customers or “leads” for a business is always a hard task, regardless of Industry.

To start with, there’s a whole strategy involved. You need to identify your target market, market your brand effectively, and create informative, appealing content for your chosen demographic. This implies a need to know your audience.

What’s more, customers evolve, and change, so you must constantly adapt your strategy to suit your customers’ expectations. As a marketer or entrepreneur, you can’t afford to rely on inefficient, outdated tactics like cold-calling and paying for leads. Instead, you need solid, proven techniques to draw in those all-important leads in an increasingly competitive digital world. 


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But first, let’s look at how lead generation works

If you’re unfamiliar with lead generation, it’s a simple concept to learn. 

Lead generation is a kind of “catch-all” term for the strategies you can use to generate new potential customers for your business. We can break the lead generation process into two parts.

First, you need to draw traffic to your website or social media platform. There are many ways you can do this, from paying for Google Ads or promoting your hashtags on social media. 

Then, you want to convince these visitors to share some contact details with you, whether it’s an email address, or telephone number, you need the means to communicate with them. Once they share contact details with your marketing team, you can reach out to them and, hopefully, turn them into paying customers by the end of the sales funnel.

Does this mean you want as many leads as possible? Well, sure, but that is not the full story. 

Think about it: Maybe you pay for 1,000 random leads, but only two of those individuals convert to paying customers. On the other hand, maybe you focus on running a high-quality marketing campaign that generates 20 leads, eight of whom become paying customers. Which would you prefer?


Lead generation is important because it asks the fundamental question, “what does your potential customer want?”


I recommend you focus on organic lead generation rather than spending your marketing budget on ineffective tactics like paying for leads. With that in mind, let me show you how to get more quality leads rather than prospects that don’t convert. 


Tip #1. Your site

Nowadays marketers tend to assume only the pages you are actively sending traffic to are important but your home page’s messaging is also incredibly important, because for most businesses, the homepage receives the most visits.

Let’s take a closer look via an example. Tandberg (since acquired by Cisco), a leader in the field of teleconferencing, increased its lead generation by 50% from a simple strategy: a homepage CTA that blended with other elements such as the headline, subtitle, and images. 

If you’ve been promoting your site, your homepage will be getting visitors from referring sites, social media sites, search engines and other sources. 

Since the homepage receives a lot of traffic, it is clear that reviewing and adjusting your homepage messaging and design will help you generate more leads!

Don’t just randomly change items around though. There are some strategies you can use to optimise your home page and give your visitors a much better experience.

The first thing to do is to get pen and paper and draw up what your home page should look like. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a graphical designer or UI/UX expert. Just a simple overview is fine.


Then you can draw up each section, choosing the best components for each section:

  • A dynamic Call To Action (CTA) – convert visitors with a Hello Bar or pop-up CTA
  • Live chat option –  your sales team can connect live with visitors that are interested or have questions.
  • A free ebook sticky box – a non-invasive CTA that will stay in place as a user scrolls on your website.
  • Multiple CTAs where appropriate– a number of CTAs that lead to valuable content for the visitor will increase lead generation.
  • Bold headline statement – make it very clear what you do and who you do it for in the first few seconds someone lands on your homepage.
  • Lots of in-product screenshots – allow your visitors to see your product in use, and move them toward requesting a demo/quote/etc.
  • Well branded, colourful, but not too busy content– make sure your visitors know who the content offer is from and keep it consistent with your website branding.
  • Bulleted list of benefits – focused headline – Be clear and short, encourage your visitors to fill out the form by telling exactly what they get in return
  • Compelling data as proof points – remember to share data that your personas care about
  • Make sure any form used to get customer’s details is brief– we’d even recommend downsizing to just name, and email for a simple content offer. You must get the information you need but keep it as brief as possible!
  • FAQs – providing commonly asked questions and answers is a great way to show how you can help your ideal buyer’s pain points.


Tip #2. Make the most of User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is exactly what it sounds like: content generated by users. UGC can be anything, such as:

  • product reviews
  • videos
  • images or graphics
  • audio
  • articles or posts

UGC is basically marketing gold. Why? Well,  you didn’t pay for this content. It’s essentially free marketing for your brand. What’s more, it’s created by real people who love what you’re selling enough to tell other people about it, that is, giving you business what marketers call social proof is a powerful tool! To give you an idea of how powerful, 79% of consumers say that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions, meaning the addition of UGC to your site/social profiles can bring in more leads. 

Plus when you feature authentic user-generated visuals on your website, you’re taking advantage of the widespread creativity of your customers and followers. This strategy is a win-win because not only do your brand fans feel like they are part of your brand, but 60% of consumers believe UGC is the most compelling type of content there is.

Smiles offer an amazing example of good use of UGC.


Tip #3. Host a Training Webinar

A training webinar is your opportunity to showcase your company’s knowledge and experience. It also gives the impression that you’re prepared to share this knowledge for free, which helps foster trust in your company.

Training webinars are so versatile and work in both the B2B and B2C space. For example, if you’re a B2B company selling a product to small businesses, you might host a product demo. Or, if you’re a B2C company selling cosmetics, you might host a webinar on how best to use your products.

Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, the general steps for using training webinars for lead generation are the same. That is:

First, advertise your webinar. This might mean promoting your webinar on LinkedIn or talking it up on social media channels.

Next, make sure you get some details from interested parties, such as their email address. These contact details allow you to follow up with webinar attendees and, hopefully, nurture them along your sales funnel.

Also, you should use effective CTAs to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter or follow your social media channels at the same time. A webinar is a great chance to introduce people to your product and your brand, so make the most of the opportunity.

Finally, keep the lines of communication open by inviting attendees to ask questions post-webinar or schedule a follow-up call.

Notion offers good examples of how to run good webinars on their YouTube channel. Their webinars are packed with valuable content.


Tip #4. Provide a free trial or download

Just because a person visits your website or even subscribes to your content doesn’t mean they’re ready to purchase your product.

It takes time for people to trust a business and that applies to both B2B and B2C. You need to build rapport and trust with your prospects and one amazing way to do that is to allow them to avail of a trial or some type of sample.

The show, don’t tell concept is very much at play here. You will generate more leads when you stop telling prospects how great your service/product is and start showing them instead. You do this by offering limited-time, no-cost, no-obligation test-drives and Alternatively, free downloads such as guides.

Look no further than LinkedIn for how to use free trials to your business’s advantage.


Tip #5. Influencer partnership

Influencers can become assets. They basically use their knowledge and popularity to persuade (or influence) their followers into using certain businesses. For example, influencers can encourage people to:

  • try a new clothing brand
  • download an app
  • purchase a subscription box
  • partner with a certain business

In the B2C realm, influencers often work on social media platforms. In B2B marketing, influential figures might include tech experts, analysts, and industry leaders.

No matter whether you’re in B2C or B2B marketing, though, influencers have a place, and you can use them for lead generation.

The first step is to set a goal for what you want to achieve, whether it’s promoting a specific product or enticing people to download a digital product. You need to determine the action you want people to take so you can specify what a “lead” is for this purpose.

Next, you need to research and find an influencer to partner with.

For B2C marketing, you might check out social media or influencer marketing agencies. For B2B, pitch your product to experts and see if they’ll review it or host a chat with you about it.

Be sure to measure your campaign’s success and also of course consider setting up a regular partnership if this strategy worked well for you.


If you are struggling with lead generation, we are here to help!  Just book a Free Consultation with us


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