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Social media is still one of the best places to get your brand in front of your targeted consumer. There is no better fit for businesses, especially small businesses, than social media. You may have already sat down and developed a social media marketing strategy for your business, and have decided that Instagram will be the main platform to promote your business. Coming up with a good flow of Instagram content has you stumped, but the good news is that you are not alone, developing constant social media content that is engaging and unique is difficult. In this blog, we will go through several ways to get inspiration for your next Instagram post and all the posts after.

1. Show Off Your Product/Service

One of the easiest ways for any business to create content for social media is to show off their product/service. High-quality pictures or videos of your product are one of the more common forms of content used by most businesses. Pictures and videos of a product are expected by many users of social media. This is especially the case for Instagram, which is home to high-quality photography.

Posting high-quality content about your product or service, of course, help you drive sales and increase awareness of your business on Instagram. When posting pictures of your products you want to avoid them always looking like an advertisement. In some cases, it is good to have a more sales orientated picture or video, but having non-promotional photography can increase engagement with your targetted audience.

For these pictures and videos type an exciting caption, not just the name and a link to the website. Use this time to talk about features and benefits. You could also say something funny or quirky depending on your brand tone and voice. The idea is to create interest in your audience, and there is no better way than spelling out the benefits of your product or service. See how we did this for one of our digital marketing posts below.

Instagram post promoting social media management.
Instagram Post of Amharc Tech’s Services

There’s an increasing number of stories regarding social media efforts that have a good, verified return on investment. A return of 100, 200, and even 1,000 percent!

Amharc Tech

Although we use graphics rather than photographs for our brand on Instagram, the copy still stands. We did not tell people to buy our social media management package but we told them how social media has seen a huge return on investment.

2. Testimonials

Other than increasing sales and engaging with customers marketing material should involve building as much trust and credibility as you can. Customers need to be able to trust your product and service, they need to see that you are credible before they purchase from you. Testimonials are posts of a person’s written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product. Often, testimonials are posts of an online review left by a satisfactory customer. In recent years consumers have been reading more reviews before deciding to purchase.

In 2021, nearly 70 percent of online shoppers typically read between one and six customer reviews before making a purchasing decision. Less than one in ten shoppers did not have a habit of reading customer reviews before buying.


You shouldn’t use testimonials too often, they shouldn’t be the main form of content someone sees when scrolling through your business’s page. Testimonials are a very quick form of content you could create in Canva in a couple of minutes. Below is an example of a Testminoal we create for one of our clients, Spice of India.

Instagram post of a Customer Testimonial for Spice of India.
Customer Testimonial for Spice of India

3. Repost User-Generated Content

Let your audience produce the content for you. User-generated content is the type of content that your followers love to see because it shows that you engage with your audiences and creates a sense of community. You can do this by creating a hashtag for your brand and asking your customers to use the hashtag when they post with your product. Then when your customers tag you in stories or post using your hashtag you can repost it to your feed or stories. Just make sure you ask for permission first!

4. This or That

This or that post is great for getting engagement from followers. They simply ask the audience which product they prefer. For example, if you are a clothing company you could ask if your audience prefers long sleeve versus short sleeve tops. Asking people to comment below about which they prefer and why usually triggers a reaction to do so in the viewer. People love to share their opinions and engage in discussions with others in your company’s community.

Not only do ‘this or that’ posts gain high attraction and engagement from your audience they are great for analytics. Your customers are openly telling you why they prefer one item over another. These insights can be particularly helpful when deciding what items to create content about or seeing which items to create more off. These posts can also be useful to see which item is less popular if you are considering removing one from your company’s catalogue. Below is an example of how we created this or that post for Gala in Celbridge.

This or That Instagram post asking if the customer prefers tea or coffee. From Gala Celbridge Instagram account.
This or That post from Gala Celbridge

5. Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes content is loved by many customers, it creates transparency and shows the production of certain products. Behind the scenes (BTS) content can create this feeling of an exclusive view of the company. This is the time to share some light-hearted content, make it personalised and show how the team greats along and is loving what they do. This can help humanise the brand, allowing your audience to connect with the brand on a deeper level.

Behind the scene, content is usually videos of how the product is made or how new products are thought up. It can even be a behind the scenes of other social media posts, videos like bloopers are always a top hit. Similar to testimonials, BTS videos can help build trust and credibility between the company and its audience. So let loose a little and create some behind the scenes content for your audience to engage with.

6. Employee Content

Like BTS content, employee content is a look past the curtains but is specifically about the employees. This content can even be created by the employee to make it more authentic. The idea is to create a “sneak peek” of what the employees are doing daily. Like BTS it is another way to show people the human side of your brand, making it easier for them to form an emotional connection to you and trust you more. Some great uses of employee content can be pictures of the team, videos of them at work or even new additions to the team. Some companies even hold employees of the month and create a post each month around the person who won. This creates a sense that your company respects their employees which your audience will respect and love to see.

7. Giveaways

Giveaways are a great form of content because who doesn’t like the chance to receive something for free? The only form of payment your audience has to do to enter the giveaway is to like, share, comment with tags and share. It costs nothing and takes little time to enter an Instagram giveaway. Giveaways are a very common strategy used by businesses of all sizes and there is a very good reason for this.

Instagram accounts that hold contests grow their followers 70% faster on average than accounts that don’t.


This is because of how effective giveaways generate engagement, most giveaway posts will be the most engaged with posts. This is because of the call to action to like, share, tag and comment. As your audience shares the giveaway to all their followers you will receive an influx of new followers who will try to get in on the giveaway. You must engage these new followers with content after they arrive. Many might only be there because of the giveaway but will stay when they release how great your brand and company are.

8. See What Competitors are Doing

Although you should never steal content that your competitors are creating it can be important to get inspiration from them. Your competitors are creating content that is working for them. Since you and your competitors are in the same market, what works for them will work for you. As you are scrolling through what your competitors are posting take note of what is receiving the most engagement. Does the audience prefer more professional photography or quirky graphics produced on Photoshop and Canva? In all areas of marketing, it is important to keep an eye on your competitors and creating Instagram content is no different.

9. Seasonal Post

People love to get into the holiday spirit, so take advantage of this throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if that holiday is a major one like Christmas (Which you might make 2 or 3 posts about) or a small unofficial day like Earth Day.

There are so many online calendars of all the important dates you should be aware of for your marketing activities, Similarweb has a great free calendar on their website for anyone to use. Take advantage of the festive spirit and post seasonal posts that are instantly relevant. You could even extend this and post about winter nights, summer vacations or even important historical days.

Seasonal posts do great because of the relevant hashtags that are sought out by a larger audience. Even simple ones such as #xmas, #christmas and #xmassgift can be important to get your brand in front of a larger audience. Below is an example of eBaskat.com’s mother’s day post.

eBaskat.com's Instagram post for Mother's Day.
eBaskat’s Mother’s Day post

10. Announce New Products/Milestones

This idea may seem simple but can be effective for keeping your audience up to date with important company news. This can create excitement around your company, asking your audience to save the date of a new product drop. Milestones can also create a community feeling as they can see the company grow as they show support. Milestones can be anything from your first 1000 sales or the launch of a new website. It is important to thank your audience during these announcements.

Bonus Tip

Reels are the new king of how to share content with your audience and Instagram was the first to make these short videos popular. Reels have become increasingly popular in recent years, they have higher engagement and retention rates than standard posts. Instagram released a statistic that confirmed what we have already known, that 91% of users watch videos on Instagram weekly. You can also create a post about all 10 of the tips I mentioned in this blog, so start recording!

eBasket Reel for Hair Loss Products

I hope you found some newfound inspiration for your Instagram content and if you get stumped again don’t panic, go back to the drawing board and look at these 10 tips for some more inspiration. If you are looking to take your Instagram marketing to the next why not book a free consultation and learn how we can help achieve your goals.


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